5 Benefits Of Working With Channel Partners

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When you are running your IT business that’s looking to grow and expand, you need the right support to give yourself the best chance of success. You may have considered taking advantage of a channel partner. Here, we look at the 5 top benefits of channel partners and how Orion 247 can help you.

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1. Improve Your Reputation

The reputation of your brand is vital to attracting and retaining loyal customers, but this isn’t always easy as a new enterprise, or if you are expanding into a territory where your offerings are less well known. Working with a reputable channel partner can help to strengthen your image and reputation, as your potential customers will know and trust your channel partner. Gaining a positive image through association is an easy way to begin establishing your company in new markets.

2. Easy Overseas Assimilation

Transitioning into a new territory can be hectic and complicated and one of the biggest challenges you can face is a language and cultural barrier. A channel partner can support your IT business by providing multilingual engineers who can communicate effectively with your staff in multiple overseas locations. This gives you the flexibility you need both during and after expansion.

3. Save On Cost

Customer acquisition can be a costly part of your business but working with a channel partner can bring this amount down considerably. Not only is this a great short-term saving, but it can also lead to better business revenue overall and encourage growth.

4. Keep Up With The Competition

When researching your competitors, you will most likely find that they work with channel partners, so without one, you are going to struggle to reach the same level and surpass them. A channel partner familiar with the market you are hoping to appeal to will help you to be more informed and aware of the climate and requirements of your potential customers. This will allow you to not only stay ahead of your competition, but it will also reduce the likelihood of you coming second to a channel partner.

5. Shared Financial Responsibility

Finances are often at the forefront of your mind during growth. Channel partners are a cheaper investment than going into expansion on your own because they share the financial losses you may make. This lowers your risk and allows you to give your expansion more capital.
It is clear to see that working with channel partners can have a huge range of benefits for your IT business. To find out more about how Orion 247’s services can help your business then get in touch today.
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